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I am excited to announce the long-awaited return of IPS! The 3rd International Piccolo Symposium is set for July 11-14, 2013 featuring artist-teachers in residence Peter Verhoyen (Belgium), Cynthia Ellis (USA), and myself (Christine Beard (USA), with IPS composer-in-residence Matt Smith (UK), pianist Christi Zuniga (USA), and visiting composer Kellach Waddle (USA). IPS 2013 will also feature clinics and/or performances by the winner(s) of the IPS Call for Proposals and the weekend will showcase new music for piccolo by the winner of the IPS Call for Scores. Visit the International Piccolo Symposium website for complete details. We hope to see you in Omaha this July!
For those of you who visit this site on a (semi) regular basis, thank you for your patronage! You've probably noticed that I have failed to update this page for a few years now. While going through the tenure process (and now the full professor process!) and juggling a thriving flute studio, an increased tour schedule, and just LIFE in general, I have been longing to get back to updating and improving upon this website for quite some time. For my New Year's resolution, I am vowing to do just that. For now, I will do some quick and simple info updating, but keep checking back as this entire site will (eventually) get a complete overhaul!

PAST BLOGS (2005-2008)
I am home safe and sound from my trip across the big pond and am happy to report that the 2008 British Flute Society Convention was an exciting event for piccolo enthusiasts across Europe! Included on the program were piccolo clinics, recitals, morning warm-up sessions and panel disucssions conducted by myself (Christine Beard), Walfrid Kujala, Lior Eitan, Stewart McIllwham, Matjaz Debeljak, and Patricia Morris. Not anticipating such a large audience, I ran out of handouts for my session (I apologize!) which can be downloaded HERE.
Among the music performed for the "shrieking twig" (as Trevor affectionately refers to it) at the BFS was the world premiere of "Crying in the Distance" for solo piccolo composed by Stephen Mark Barchan. The piece was written for Lior Eitan and features many extended techniques and difficult technical passages. As soon as I learn of where the piece may be purchased, I will pass that info along via this website.
A new book of note I wish to mention on this site which was brought to my attention at the BFS is a newly-published book entitled "Piccolo Craft" authored by Andrew Lane (Principal Piccolo of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra). This book makes a valliant effort at compiling much useful information into one source for aspiring piccolo players. Even for accomplished players, I believe this book has something to offer and highly recommend it as a useful reference material! Currently it is not available in stores in the USA but can be ordered online through All Flutes Plus at the UK.
I wish to extend a huge THANK YOU and congratulations to Trevor for his successful efforts and for making everyone feel welcome. For those of you who have not attend a BFS convention, I highly recommend it! The BFS is much more intimate than the NFA with 500 (+/-) attendees but no less captivating with it's list of heavy hitters. The smaller atmosphere allows for everyone to talk to their favorite artists, catch up with old friends, and make new ones. Be sure to check the BFS website for info on the next bi-annual convention scheduled for Manchester in 2010!
The 36th NFA convention was held in Kansas City, MO. Amongst the piccolo performances included Sarah Jackson's captivating performance of Lowell Liebermann's Concerto, Op. 50; and Nina Perlove's energetic performance of "Danza Florida" for solo piccolo by the Mexican composer Juan Trigos which requires the performer to scream, speak syllables, and wear bells strapped to the legs! (Although composed in 1990, the piece only exists in manuscript from and is not yet availbale for publication.) Several interpretations of "Gravitiy's Ghost" for solo piccolo by Robert Dick, the required piece for the Piccolo Artist Competiton, were heard during the finals of the Piccolo Artist Competiton, for which Karen Eichinger, Virginia Crabtree and Jihye Choi were named the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place, respectively. There were many other piccolo performances taking place during the NFA this year, a trend which I sincerely hope will be continued at the next convention in New York City in 2009.
Chutzpah! for piccolo and piano by Howard J. Buss received its world premiere on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at 7:30 PM in the Strauss Performing Arts Center, Recital Hall, at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The performers were John Bailey, piccolo, and Ann Chang-Barnes, piano. Chutzpah! is published by Brixton Publications.
Piccoloist Nan Raphael has released 2 new piccolo CDs entitled "Hands Across the Seas" and another featuring music for two piccolo called "Piccolo Four Hands" with Duo 8va. Check out the details on the RECORDINGS page.
An old book of small French pieces for piccolo has recently been reprinted! Jan Gippo discussed the collection "Pipeaux 1934" in a brief article which appeared in Flute Talk in 2006, and apparently his efforts to resurrect the collection have paid off. ÉDITIONS DE L'OISEAU-LYRE has reprinted the collection which includes 7 works for "pipe" and piano by several leading French composers of the time, including Poulenc, Milhaud, Roussel, Ibert, Auric, Ferroud, and Martelli. The works are all under 4 minutes in duration and exhibit a limited range that only extends from D1 to D3. Thus, they are well-suited to use as teaching pieces for beginning piccolo players, but they are also very charming and would make great filler pieces for recitals. The collection is selling for $36 EUR and is available on the ÉDITIONS DE L'OISEAU-LYRE website.
Special thanks to piccoloists Lior Eitan and Nicola Mazzanti for inspring me to create this site after having met them at the NFA convention in San Diego. They're both great players and wonderful gentlemen. (Read more about them both on the PLAYER page). Thanks also to Jean-Louis Beaumadier for supplying much of the information regarding his piccolo recordings, Nancy Nourse for contributing to the Research page, Leonard Garrison for having great information on his website upon which for me to build, and also to Jonathan Brahms for spreading the word about my original piccolo website. :-)
"The Wren Polka" for solo piccolo and concert band by Eugene Damaré (arr. Christine Beard) is now available! (Band parts Grade 3, solo piccolo part Grade 3+). This arrangement has been performed across the U.S. and also in Europe. Audiences love this piece! Score and parts only $49.95. My original publisher is no longer in business, but you can now order it directly from me.
You are listening to "The Wren Polka" by Eugene Damaré, arr. for solo piccolo and band by Christine Beard. (Live performance featuring Dr. Beard, solo piccolo with the Nebraska Wind Symphony 2003).
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